Supreme Court Justice Mary Jane Theis announced Friday the formation of a bipartisan screening committee to assist her in selecting Circuit Court judges for appointment to fill interim vacancies on the Cook County Circuit Court.  TDR is proud that founding member Michael I. Rothstein is a member of this committee.

The screening committee will be made up of 13 lawyers and one non-lawyer and will be co-chaired by retired U.S. District Court Judge Wayne R. Andersen and retired Illinois Appellate Court Judge Michael J. Gallagher.

Under the Illinois Constitution, the Supreme Court has the authority to fill judicial vacancies by interim appointment until they are filled for the full term by voters’ choice in the next election. Traditionally, the three justices from the First Judicial District in Cook County rotate in recommending a candidate to the Court for the appointment.

The committee is expected to screen applicants for judgeships after the candidates have been evaluated by bar associations. The committee then will forward recommendations to Justice Theis.

“The committee is composed of top-notch people—diverse and highly qualified,” said Justice Theis. “I thank them in advance for their willingness to serve and help me discharge a very important, constitutional duty. I am sure their dedication and insight will be invaluable to me.”