On July 20, 2012, TDR partners Caesar Tabet and Daniel Konieczny obtained judgment on the merits in favor of their client, a trustee of several interrelated trusts, in a contentious family dispute over the management of the trusts.  The judgment is the culmination of four years of litigation that began when a co-trustee and a beneficiary sued TDR’s client in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, alleging breach of fiduciary duty and seeking her removal as trustee.

After obtaining dismissal of several claims as a matter of law, Mr. Tabet and Mr. Konieczny conducted a four-day bench trial on the remaining claims before Judge Franklin Valderrama of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Chancery Division in early June 2012.  The Court ruled in favor of TDR’s client on all four remaining claims brought against the trustee in the litigation, exonerating her of all allegations of wrongdoing and confirming her continuing authority to make trust decisions.